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A machine learning system for the end-to-end data science lifecycle, encompassing data integration, cleaning, feature engineering, efficient model training, and deployment.

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+Algorithm CustomizabilityAllows customization via R-like and Python-like languages
+Hybrid Execution PlansCombines local, in-memory CPU and GPU operations with distributed operations on Apache Spark.
+Multiple Execution ModesIncludes Spark MLContext, Spark Batch, Hadoop Batch, Standalone, and JMLC for varied operational needs.
+Automatic OptimizationOptimizes based on data and cluster characteristics for efficiency and scalability.
+Declarative LanguagesProvides R-like syntax for various data science tasks
+Compressed Linear AlgebraEnhances large scale machine learning
+Principal Component AnalysisProvides scripts for statistical analysis
+CompatibilityCompatibility with popular programming languages (Support for Java 11 and Python 3.5+) for broader use.
+IntegrationWorks with Hadoop 3.3.x and Spark 3.5.x for big data processing.
+Nvidia CUDA and Intel MKL SupportUtilizes Nvidia CUDA 10.2 and Intel MKL (<=2019.x) for enhanced performance.
-Limited MonitoringLacks a comprehensive set of monitoring and management tools, making it difficult to diagnose and troubleshoot issues
-Performance Impact of Message TweakingModifying messages can significantly decrease performance, limiting flexibility.
-No Wildcard Topic SelectionOnly supports matching exact topic names, which can be restrictive for complex messaging needs
-Potential Performance ReductionData compression and decompression by brokers and consumers can negatively impact throughput.
-Clumsy Behavior with higher number of QueuesAs the number of queues in the Kafka Cluster increases, SystemDS may become unstable.
-Missing Message ParadigmsDoesn’t support certain message paradigms like point-to-point queues, hindering its use in specific scenarios




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