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Art of Illusion is a 3D-modeling software for creating and mapping textures and rendering both, still images and animations.

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Art of Illusion is a 3D-graphics software, with similar intent of use as for example 3DS-Max or Maya of the commercial software packages or Blender or Wings 3D on the freeware side. Though some sources seem to confuse 3D-modeling with CAD, Art of Illusion does not provide any CAD-features.

Some user reviews describe Art of Illusion as ‘intuitive’, ‘straight forward to learn’ and ‘good candidate for the first 3D modelling tool’, while some characterize it as ‘software for experienced CAD users’ or taking plenty of time to figure out. For its capabilities it has been described ‘powerful, comprehensive and extensible’.

Models, that are created in Art of Illusion, can also be exported for 3D-printing in .stl format.

Art of Illusion has been entirely written in Java.

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System Requirements

1A keyboard with a numberpad
2Single button mouse or a 3-button mouse with a scroll wheel



CNET 3.3 
based on 3 reviews
based on professional's opinion
G2CROWD 2.5 
based on 1 reviews
Softonic 7 
based on 139 reviews
Softpedia 3.2 
based on 6 reviews
SourceForge 5 
based on 46 reviews


Peter Eastman, Others

Written in

Java, Shell

Initial Release

29 October 1999


GPL v2


3D Computing Graphics
Blender   Wings 3D  


  • Absolute minimum requirements or recommendations for the system hardware have not been declared.

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