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A Python library for scientific computing in Python, covering optimization, integration, linear algebra, Fourier transforms, signal and image processing, ODE solvers, and more

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+Numerical IntegrationTool for calculating definite integrals
+ODE SolversSolvers for ordinary differential equations allow simulations and analysis of these systems
+OptimizationHelps find minimum or maximum values of functions, essential for tasks like model fitting, machine learning, and resource allocation
+Linear AlgebraTools for matrix operations, solving linear systems, and more
+Fourier TransformsUsed for frequency analysis of signals and images, critical for signal processing, image compression, and data analysis
+InterpolationHelps estimate values between known data points, useful for data visualization, signal processing, and engineering applications
+StatisticsFunctions for descriptive statistics (mean, variance, etc.), hypothesis testing, and random sampling, are essential for data analysis
+Sparse MatricesOffers efficient data structures and algorithms for handling sparse matrices (matrices with many zero entries), for large-scale problems in scientific computing
+WaveletsTools for wavelet transformation and processing.
+Multidimensional Image ProcessingExtends image processing capabilities




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Travis Oliphant(OD), Pearu Peterson(OD), Eric Jones(OD), Other contributors

Written in

Python, Fortran, C, C++

Initial Release

14 August 2001


Scientific Computing