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Torch is a machine learning library and scientific computing framework for LuaJIT

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Torch is a scientific computing framework with support for machine learning algorithms. It provides N-dimensional arrays, with support for routines for indexing, slicing, transposing, etc.

Torch puts GPU first. It has an interface to C via LuaJIT, linear algebra & numeric optimization routines, neural network and energy-based models. It is embeddable, with ports to iOS and Android backends.

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System Requirements

1NVIDIA® CUDA® 7.5 or newer (For Pascal GPUs, CUDA 8.0 or newer)
2cuDNN v5.0 or newer
3Ubuntu 14.x or newer (or any 64-bit Linux if you choose to build from source)


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Ronan Collobert(OD), Koray Kavukcuoglu(OD), Clement Farabet(OD), Soumith Chintala, Community

Written in

Lua, C, LuaJIT, CUDA, C++

Initial Release

October 2002




  • Torch is not in active development. Check out actively maintained ATen (which is part of PyTorch).

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